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EU Launches New External Investment Plan in Tbilisi
Under the EIP, the EU will mobilise a contribution of EUR 4.1 billion  (GEL 12 billion) that will leverage up to EUR 44 billion (GEL130 billion) of investments from public and private sector from 2017 to 2020 more than 70 economies around the world, including Georgia and the other Eastern Partnership countries. The event in Tbilisi is part of a series of outreach events for private and public sectors across the region. It brought together national authorities, business communities, priva...read more
150 million USD to be Allocated for Financing Small and Medium Businesses
“150 million USD will be allocated for Georgia within the second phase of the SME Support Program,” said Bruno Balvanera, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BAN) director, adding that Georgia has the greatest chance of benefiting out of the program beneficiary countries. Georgia is actively implementing this program, so the main focus will be on Georgia. "At the first stage, the credit line was implemented by the Bank of Georgia, negotiations were held with ...read more
Modern hotel complex to open in Bazaleti, Georgia
A modern hotel complex is set to open in Bazaleti village – a popular recreation spot for locals and tourists that centres around a large lake. Today Georgia’s Ministry of Economy announced local company Best Group will open a new 10-room hotel at Bazaleti Lake and complete construction of an existing 14-room hotel nearby. Bazaleti is located some 60km northwest of Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. The 10-room hotel will have an administration building, conference room and fi...read more