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The Pataridzes’ Rachuli Goes On Sale in USA

The Pataridzes’ Rachuli, exclusive wine made at the Pataridzes’ family wine cellar, are sold in California and New York, the USA. The company founder Shorena Pataridze told BM.GE that they have inherited winemaking technology form grandfather, who was winegrower and used to make traditional semisweet Khvanchkara.

Descendants have enriched the old knowledge with new experience and developed a new product – Pataridzes’ Rachuli, a bio and semi-dry wine.

We bottled first wines in 2015, test 90 bottles, while in 2017 we produced 2000 bottles, when US, distinguished winemaking specialist Lisa Granick tasted our wines and told this product would be sold successfully on any market… This product raised interest on London market too and we plan to participate in exhibition in Germany too. Europe is our priority direction, but we want to sell a part of products in Georgia too so as our citizens also have the opportunity to taste our products”, Shorena Pataridze said.