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The Green Shoots of Growth in Georgia: Hydroponic Farming with EU Support

Growing Georgian vegetables by employing the latest European technologies – this is the motto of Imereti Greenery, a Dutch-Georgian enterprise located in western Georgia, which has benefited from EU support for its development under the EU4Business initiative, seeing production and profits soar as a result.

Since its establishment, the enterprise has been gradually expanding its greenhouse coverage and now occupies 2 hectares of territory in the city of Samtredia. Lettuce and cucumber here is grown by following hydroponic farming – a modern method of agriculture where crops are cultivated without soil by using mineral nutrients in a water solvent. Smart use of geothermal waters makes farming at Imereti Greenery way more efficient and responsible. The clients of the enterprise comprise of the major supermarket chains and high-class hotels in Georgia.

Following implementation of the project, production was up 75%, profits rose 380% and the number of staff grew by 129%.