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Georgian Wine Tasting Held in Portland and San Francisco

Georgian wine tasting-seminar was held in Portland, USA. The event was organized by July Peterson, head of the National Wine Agency contractor marketing company “Marq Energie Consulting." The event was attended by up to 40 wine professionals – importers, distributors and media representatives.

In several US cities Georgian wine tasting-presentations will held in June . With the organization of the National Wine Agency contractor marketing company “Tastingwork”, tastings  have already been held in New York and San Francisco. Another tasting will be organized by “Marq Energie Consulting”  in Houston today.

Seminars on Georgian wine culture and history are held simultaneously with tasting. The guests of the event have the opportunity to taste the wines made by Georgian traditional and classic methods.

The tastings will promote the raise of awareness and popularization  of Georgian wine in the USA. In the recent years the US has emerged as one of the potentially progressive and important export markets for Georgian wine. According to wine consumption market research, in the US over 3 billion liter of wine is consumed, which gives a good opportunity for Georgian wine export growth in the US market in case of consistent and deliberate collaboration with Georgian wine producers.