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Wine of Georgian company Badagoni among world’s top 100

A red dry wine Alaverdi Tradition’ produced by Georgian wine company Badagoni is among the top 100 wines of the world, announces Badagoni.

‘Alaverdi Tradition’ was named as one of the world’s best wines by the jury of the prestigious Sydney International Wine Competition, held in Australia this month.

In the competition, wines from the most prominent wine-making countries were presented, and the jury consisted of wine experts from Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, France and otheer countries. 

The Sydney International Wine Competition taken place annually for almost 40 years now. 

“Badagoni victory is truly a huge achievement, as the competition assessment criteria and process is quite difficult. Each wine had to go through several assessment phases. Regardless of the intense competition, Badagoni’s ‘Alaverdi Tradition’ managed to receive the award of a winner,” read the press release of Badagoni.