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Georgian - Ukrainian Business Forum to be Held on April 26

 On April 26, Georgian - Ukrainian  Business Forum will be held at the “Courtyard Marriot” hotel. The event, in which up to 70 Ukrainian businessmen and companies will participate,  is organized by the world famous company “SAP SOFT-REITING KONCALT” and Georgian - Ukrainian Trade - Economic Council.


A chief message of the business forum is "New Technologies for New Georgia."


Representatives of seven largest banks of Ukraine will take part in the Forum and  different business sectors, as well as German and American companies.


The Forum will be attended by the government officials and local businessmen.


According to the forum organizers - “SAP SOFT-REITING KONCALT” and Georgian - Ukrainian Trade - Economic Council Chairman Nikoloz Gugushvili , the goal of the forum is to familiarize with Georgia’s  business environment.

"Ukrainian businessmen have a strong interest towards Georgia. They want to invest in various sectors, particularly in education, agriculture, infrastructure and others. Also, there is a high interest in the new technologies. “SAP SOFT-REITING KONCALT” plans to introduce new technologies in public administration and business sector. We hope that the new government will support  the cooperation of Georgian and Ukrainian companies and investments in new technologies, "- the event organizers note.