Income Producing Orchard

GEL 85,000 GEL 80000
Area 2.7   Hectares

Area: 6.67 Acres





Posted on February 01, 2018
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Highly productive fruit farm waiting for new owner in the central part of Georgia!

The property is situated in the village of Agarebi, at a distance of 120 kms from Tbilisi that is equal to 1.40 hour car drive. The orchard falls in 1.5 km from the main road. 

Total land area is 2.7 hectares.

There are various types of fruit in the orchard:

  • 1 hectare - 450 new kind of apple trees planted 7 years ago. Last harvest amounted 9 tons. After 3 years production is suspected to reach 40 tons.  
  • 1 hectare - 650 apple trees planted 3 years ago. These trees will start to give harvest from the next season. 
  • 0.5 hectare - 300 plum trees planted 7 years ago. Last harvest was 3 tons. At its peak production age each tree will give harvest of 100 kgs.
  • On the rest area there are 80 black pumpkin, 80 cherry and 80 alucha (kind of sour cherry-plum) trees planted 7 years ago. Last production amounted 300 kgs since the owners were busy doing other business. 

The property has got drip irrigation system. The water source of the orchard is its own spring, well and river in 10 meters. It is possible to start up trout farming on the bases of the spring.

Electricity service charge is paid by the owners and it will be brought to the farm soon. 

There is a building of 30 sqm with three rooms in the property. 

The price of the orchard includes fertilizer apparatus with a tank of 500 litres. 

Harvest of each tree will grow year by year as they have not still reached peak production age.

This is a rare opportunity for investors looking for productive fruit farms!

    Quick Facts

    • Total Land Area2.7  Hectares
    • Area under Orchard2.7  Hectares
    • Variety of FruitApple, Plum, Black pumpkin, Cherry, Alucha (sour cherry-plum)
    • Financial Details

      • Annual Production12  Tons
      • Average Selling Price0.60  USD/kg
      • Total Income per Year5300  USD
      • Total Annual ExpensesGEL 3000
        Break-up of Expenses
      • Net Income4088  USD