Highly Productive Greenhouse

GEL 155,000
Area 2500   Sq M





Posted on January 29, 2018
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Well-cared greenhouse for immediate takeover close to the capital city!

The property is located in the village of Norio, at a distance of 32 kms from Tbilisi that is equal to 40 minutes car drive. The land is approximately 400 meters far from the main road. 

Total land area is 2500 sqm. There are 3 greenhouses in the property, each of 360 sqm. Every greenhouse has got 11 lines of lettuce. Harvest from each line reaches 70 kgs and in all - 2310 kgs. It has been 4 years since the lettuce is caltivated in the greenhouse. 

Selling price of the harvest is 1 USD/kg in the capital city. 

Currently the lettuce does not need any fertilizers. All is needed is watering the crop. 

The property has got electricity and well of 30 meters depth. There is also a guard house on the land of 20 sqm.

The greenhouse is suitable for many types of vegetables. 

    Quick Facts

    • Total Land Area2500  Sq M
    • Area Under Greenhouse1080  
    • Total Number of Greenhouses3  
    • Financial Details

      • Total Annual Production2310  Kg
      • Average Selling Price1  USD/kg
      • Total Annual ExpensesGEL 0
        Break-up of Expenses