Highly Productive Vineyard

GEL 255,000 GEL 250000
Area 3.6   Hectares

Area: 8.90 Acres





Posted on January 30, 2018
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Excellent opportunity to invest in a highly profitable vineyard in the region of Kakheti!

The property is located in the city of Kvareli, at a distance of 141 kms from Tbilisi that is relative to 2.20 hour car drive. The Vineyard is 500 meters far from the main road and the river. 

Total land area consists of 3.6 hectares. There are 3 types of vine in the property:

  • Saperavi - cultivated on 2 hectares 7 years ago. Last harvest reached 13 tons.
  • Saperavi - cultivated on 0.8 hectare 1 month ago. 
  • Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli - cultivated on 0.8 hectare 7 years ago. Last harvest was 3 tons. 

Average selling price of grape in the region is 1 USD/kg. 

The orchard is in best condition and is giving income!

    Quick Facts

    • Total Land Area3.6  Hectares
    • Area under Orchard3.6  Hectares
    • Variety of FruitSaperavi,Mtsvane,Rkatsiteli
    • Financial Details

      • Annual Production16  Tons
      • Average Selling Price1  USD/kg
      • Total Income per Year12000  USD
      • Total Annual ExpensesGEL 12000
        Break-up of Expenses
      • Net Income8000  USD