Well-Cared Vineyard

GEL 20,000
Area 3000   Sq m

Area: 0.74 Acres





Posted on January 31, 2018
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If you are searching for a small and productive vineyard, here is the right opportunity for that!

The property falls in the city of Gurjaani, at a distance of 112 kms from Tbilisi that is equivalent to 1.50 hour car drive. The vineyard is within 300 meters from the main road.

Area of the land is 3000 sqm. The property has got 28 rows of vines with the size of 80 meters each.

The vineyard is 20 years old and the type of grape is Rkatsiteli. There is a small concrete cabin and 2 concrete basins for fertilization in the property. 

At average rate the owner gets the harvest of 5 tons yearly, but the production potential is 6 tons annually. 

Selling price of grape is 0.40 USD/kg in that city and more in other regions!

    Quick Facts

    • Total Land Area3000  Sq m
    • Area under Orchard3000  Sq m
    • Variety of FruitRkatsiteli
    • Financial Details

      • Annual Production5  Tons
      • Average Selling Price0.40  USD/kg
      • Total Income per Year1815  USD
      • Total Annual ExpensesGEL 1500
        Break-up of Expenses
      • Net Income1215  USD

Property ID-2541