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Dairy farm available just in the capital city!

The property falls in the settlement of Didi Lilo. The place is 17 kms far from the city center Liberty Square that is relative to 25 minutes car drive. The farm is within 50 meters from the main road. 

Total land area consists of 1100 sqm. 

There are 2 floors in the farm building. Size of the space for animals is 217 sqm and it can house 24 cows though it is possible to widen the area. This building has also got cheese processor, office room, sheds for hay, basement and entresol. Total size of the building is 569 sqm.   

The farm is equipped with rich tools and machines necessary for cheese processing and farm functioning! 

There is a space for animals to walk outside the property!

Property Map

Property Direction

Well Maintained Animal Farm

  • Land Area1100   Sq M
  • LocationTbilisi
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Building
  • PostedApril 30, 2018
  • Realtor's Fee3.54%
US $200,000

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