Georgia Exported 519 Tons of Garlic in 2019

Georgia Exported 519 Tons of Garlic in 2019

Garlic is an only product that Georgia-EU free trade agreement limits to export to EU market.
This signifies Georgia is authorized to export only 220 tons of garlic a year without customs taxes. Higher volumes will be subjected to EU taxation regime.

As examined, the quotas serve to protect the EU market from Chinese garlic, because China is one of the biggest garlic traders worldwide.

The BM.GE has examined whether Georgia exports garlic to EU markets, and if not, where Georgia sells its products.

Based on the statistics, Georgia has exported 300 kilograms of garlic to Latvia in 2017.

Despite the DCFTA opportunities, Georgia exports garlic primarily to neighboring countries Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine since 2014.

According to the Geostat indicators, Georgia exported 519.3 tons of garlic worth 595,100 USD to the neighboring countries in 2019 and this is a record figure.

Last year, Georgia exported 250.6 tons worth 308,300 USD to Russia and 268.6 tons worth 286.700 USD to Turkey.

Ukraine and Russia emerged as primary exports markets; Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia in 2017; Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Armenia in 2016; Azerbaijan and Armenia in 2015 and Armenia in 2014.

At the same time, over the past 5 years, Georgia garlic exports due to years is as follows: 2,900 USD in 2014, 165,300 USD in 2015; 318,800 USD in 2016; 291,900 USD in 2017 and 350,100 USD in 2018.

As for garlic exporter companies, in 2019 several companies carried out exports, including: LLC Savardzeli; LLC Traf-escort Georgia; LLC Lima; LLC Agrohom, LLC Maret, LLC Georgian Fruit Exports, LLC Best Fruit and LLC Global Invest.



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