Global Telecommunications Company Oneweb Partners With Silknet to Develop Digital Ecosystem in Georgia

OneWeb highlights partnership with the Georgian company on its web page: ”OneWeb partners with JSC Silknet to bring high-speed satellite broadband services to Georgia”. 

The goal of this partnership is to create revolutionary space connectivity network.  The news was heavily spread in media during World Economic Forum in Davos, as on January 22, memorandum of understanding covering Georgia and Caucasus region was signed by the Chairman of Silknet’s supervisory board George Ramishvili, and CEO of OneWeb Adrian Steckel.

Further, OneWeb says on its web page, that this partnership will enable Silknet to provide local telecom operators with ubiquitous, high-speed satellite “fiber-like” broadband services coverage in Georgia, including remote and inaccessible areas, as the aim of OneWeb is to bring high-speed, low-latency satellite broadband services coverage and connect everyone everywhere. This create more opportunities for industry and businesses to thrive.

Statements of OneWeb CEO and Chairman of Silknet Supervisory Board are stated on OneWeb’s webpage.

Adrian Steckel, CEO of OneWeb, said: “In a world where businesses need continuous connectivity to the Cloud, but not everywhere has suitable geographies or can afford expensive fiber connectivity, OneWeb’s transformative communications network will make it possible to access high-speed Internet, anywhere on Earth. I am very pleased to take the first and important step to partner with Silknet. OneWeb will help to bridge the digital divide in Georgia and across the Caucasian region.

George Ramishvili, Chairman of Silknet’s supervisory board, added: “Davos shows us what can be achieved when the world’s governments and business leaders connect with each other for a common purpose. As the country’s leading telecoms company, Silknet is committed to plugging modern, digital Georgia into the global network on behalf of our customers. We are delighted to be able to strengthen our efforts here through this collaboration with OneWeb.”

More on this news: at the end of February 2019, OneWeb successfully launched its first batch of Low Earth Orbiting satellites. The next launch of satellites took place just recently, on February 7, 2020, as it was scheduled from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. This signals the beginning of regular launches of 34 satellites at a time to build OneWeb’s initial constellation of 650 satellites, enabling Internet access for everyone, everywhere.

Its goal to provide the world with internet with next generation technology, OneWeb will reach in partnership with Silknet covering Georgia and Caucasus region. This is especially important for those remote places, where fiber infrastructure does not exist. Accessibility of digital technologies is a vital prerequisite for the development of Georgia as well as Caucasus region. As a result of this partnership an additional digital source of connectivity will appear in Georgia making the existing technologies complete, rather than competing with them. This creates a unique opportunity when it comes to remote places, where fibre optic infrastructure is not accessible due to different circumstances.



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