January Records 19.8% Rise in Inflow of International Visitors

As Reported by the National Tourism Administration, in January 2020, a Total of 633,201 International Travelers Arrived in Georgia, Up 19.8% Year on Year, Including International Visitors – 523,689, Up 86,471 Ones (Up 19.8%).

The Reporting Period Also Recorded 363,614 Tourism Visits, Up 57,675 Visits Year on Year (Up 18.9%).

Based on the Statistics of the National Tourism Administration, top 10 countries in terms oftourism are as follows:
1 Azerbaijan – 92,341 visitors, up 34.90% year on year.
2 Armenia – 77,968 visitors, up 17.50% year on year.
3 Russia – 85,922 visitors, up 1.10% year on year.
4 Turkey – 64,349 visitors, up 16.60% year on year.
5 Georgia (nonresident) – 44,541 visitors, up 13.40% year on year.
6 Ukraine – 10,453 visitors, up 22.40% year on year;
7 Israel – 7,217 visitors, up 57.30% year on year.
8 Iran – 8,424 visitors, up 12.40% year on year.
9 Kazakhstan – 3,157 visitors, up 44.80% year on year.
10 India – 2,830 visitors, up 28.90% year on year.
“In January, 2020, a recorded inflow of international travelers was registered – more than 633,000, up 19.8% compared to January 2019. Furthermore, the number of tourism visits also increased by 18.9%. The January indicators are of special importance, because these indicators directly reflect the marketing activities that the National Tourism Administration has carried out in 2019 on international markets. Thus, thanks our coordinated efforts, we have received the record results and this is very important for Georgia’s tourism industry development”, the National Tourism Administration director Mariam Kvrivishvili said.
Tourism, Key Sector of Economy
Based on early reports, in 2019, Georgia’s revenues from international tourism made up 3.3 billion USD, up 1.4% year on year. As of December 2019, incomes from international travel to Georgia made up 217 million USD, up 5.4%, up 11 million GEL compared to the same period of 2019.


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