Natural Grape Wines is Most Exported Product from Georgia to Russia

Natural Grape Wines is Most Exported Product from Georgia to Russia

As of the official data of Geostat, Russia is the second-largest export market of Georgia (491.1 million USD).

The 1st export market in Azerbaijan by 1.6 million USD (498.7 million USD). The 3rd is Armenia, the commodity of 412.2 million USD that has been exported from Georgia in 2019.

According to Statistics, the wine was the main export commodity from Georgia to Russia in 2019. TOP-10 of export countries look as follows:

1. Natural Grape Wines – $ 133.2 Million
2. Ferroalloys – $ 114.5 million
3. Mineral and Freshwater – $ 60.6 million
4.Ethyl Alcohol / Alcoholic Beverages – $ 34.5 Million
5. Medicines Packaged – $ 19.8 Million
6. Centrifuges; Aggregates for filtering or purifying liquids or gases – $ 19 million
7. Citrus fruits fresh or dried – $ 13.7 million
8. Apricots, Cherries and Cherries, Peaches, Plums and Pears – $ 11.8 Million
9. Waters containing sugar additives – $ 11.2 million
10. Cars – $ 7.2 Million

TOP-10 of companies by export to Russia:

1. LLC Askaneli Dzmebi
2. LLC Kakhuri Traditsiuli Megvineoba
3. ADS Borjomi Georgia, Georgia Branch of ADS Borjomi
4. JSC Lomisi
5. LLC Georgian Manganese
6. LLC GDL Solutions
7. LLC Bolero & Company
8. LLC Pharmexim
9. LLC Steel International Trading Company
10. LLC Best Fruit



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