Number of tourists visiting Georgia increases 8% in Jan-July 2019: Most visitors from Russia

Georgia hosted 2,697,624 tourists (+8%) and 4,961,918 international travellers (+7.8%) in January-July 2019, announces the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA).

Most visitors came from:

  • Russia (+22.1%)
  • Azerbaijan (+5.6%)
  • Armenia (+2.9%)
  • Turkey (-0.3%)

The countries with the most significant increase were:

  • Tajikistan (+242.3%)
  • Uzbekistan (+155.5%)
  • Kyrgyzstan (+102.3%)
  • China (+52.8%)
  • Saudi Arabia (+52.6%)
  • Kazakhstan (+54%)

A positive trend was maintained by visitors from the European Union:

  • Germany (+40.7%)
  • Latvia (+31.6%)
  • Poland (+26.9%)
  • The United Kingdom (+24.6%)
  • France (+25.5%)

Head of the GNTA Mariam Kvrivishvili said that last month the number of Russian visitors decreased by 6.4 percent and Russian tourists – by 14 percent.

Overall, in July Georgia hosted 1,099,474 international visitors (+5.8%) and 570,482 tourists (+1%).

In July most visitors came from Azerbaijan (+13.1%), Russia (-6.4%), Turkey (+9.6%) and Armenia (+3.2%).



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