Poti Sea Port has handled 6 403 000 tons of cargo

Poti Sea Port has handled 6 403 000 tons of cargo

In September, APM Terminals Poti has handled the highest ever number of containers in Poti Sea Port, which amounts to 51,272 TEUs.

It is noteworthy that monthly record numbers which are shown since March this year in different directions (container volumes, vessel calls, rail car movements, etc.) are conditioned by both – overall upswing in related economies and huge effort and comprehensive approach of the company.

Poti Sea Port has handled 6 403 000 tons of cargo delivered by the increased number of vessels.

Year-to-date September 2019 compared to the same period of 2018, total number of vessel calls increased by 33% amongst which container vessel calls amounted to 41.5%, enabling handling of 388,705 TEUs container. TEU handled by APM Terminals Poti has exceeded the same indicator of the same period of last year by 47.7%.

„With a combination of improvements such as reducing port closure days in cooperation with SVITZER and digitization of procedures along with high commercial engagement and other external factors and geopolitical changes, we have been able to increase operational capabilities and efficiencies and operate above theoretical capacity of the berth. I am confident that despite of reaching our maximum capacity in the Container Yard and subsequent inconveniences to our customers, Poti Sea Port has a great potential to become an integrator of the global logistics chain in the region and the records we have been making from month to month are solid proof that it rightfully deserves further investment in expansion and development to deliver outstanding service experience to our customers greatly contributing to country’s and regional economy” said Klaus Holm Laursen, Managing Director of APM Terminals Poti.

Another important fact is that from the containers handled in 2019, 14.1% of the cargo is Reefer containers, which mainly imports meat, fruit and confectionery products in Georgia.
In Poti Sea Port, import makes up 29.7% of cargo, 26.4% is export and 43.9% – transit cargo. In particular, a significant part of the cargo is transported to Azerbaijan, Armenia and the countries of Central Asia.



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