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Large Fertile Land On The Highway

marneuli | kvemo-kartli

Quick Facts

Updated on November 6, 2019 at 12:01 pm

  • Land: 125.8 hectares
  • Building: 1000 sqm
  • Electricity:
  • Water:
  • Gas:
  • Location: marneuli
  • Property ID: 6907
  • Realtor`s Fee: 3.54%


Available for sale Agricultural land.

The property which has a total area of 125 hectares is located in Marneuli, village Kachagani falling under Kvemo Kartli region. The distance between the property and Tbilisi is 40 kms.

It is situated on the highway. The land is fertile, according to soil analysis it is suitable for the cultivation of various types of crops like wheat, potato, sunflower, nuts, grapes, and others. In the case of corn cultivation, the average expected crop from one hectare is 15 tons. Average expenses for each hectare is $700. There is a 500 sqm Quail farm with a maximum production of 18000-20000 quail in each year. Also, there is 430 sqm storage and a living area. Tho whole area of the land is provided with drip irrigation and an artesian well having fresh water. For electricity is 160w transformer and Gas is also available.

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Property Map

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Location Map

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Whats Nearby

  • Village: Kachagani
  • City: Marneuli 30 km
  • Highway: 10 m
  • Public Transport: 10 m

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