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Productive Orchard For Sale

gori | shida-kartli

Quick Facts

Updated on January 30, 2020 at 8:28 pm

  • Land: 30 hectares
  • Building: 2200 sqm
  • Electricity:
  • Water:
  • Location: gori
  • Property ID: 8622
  • Realtor`s Fee: 3.54%


Available for sale Productive orchard.

The property which has a total area of the 30 hectares is located in Gori, village Kitsnisi, set up in the Kakheti region. The distance between the property and Tbilisi is 97 kms.

It’s situated 330 m away from the highway. 23-hectare area is taken up by the apple orchard, American varieties. 10-hectare area of it is 8-years-old. the average crop yields 240 tons in total. Another 6-hectare area is occupied by the 10 years old apple orchard. The average crop is 80 tons in total. Another 7 hectares is acquired by the 3-years-old orchards. The expected crop from each hectare is 50 tons. The young orchard is equipped with a water dripping system. The rest of the land is taken up by the 2 years old plum orchard, a variety called Stanly. The expected crop is 50 tons. There are 3 storages with 2100 sqm area in total and an office building. A Refrigerator with a capacity of 400 tons. The property has a weighing-machine with 15-ton capacity and a new tractor manufactured in China, with its full equipment. Property is well-fenced. There is a river on the property. The facilities like a transformer(kV) and artesian well are available.

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Property Map

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Location Map

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Whats Nearby

  • Village: Kitsnisi
  • City: Gori 15 kms
  • Highway: 330 m
  • Public Transport: 330 m

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