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Well Maintained Orchard

kareli | shida-kartli

Quick Facts

Updated on October 2, 2019 at 7:48 pm

  • Land: 5.7 hectares
  • Building: 120 sqm
  • Water:
  • Location: kareli
  • Property ID: 7095
  • Realtor`s Fee: 3.54%


Available for sale Orchard.

The property which has a total area of 5.7 hectares is located in Kareli, village Tsveri set up in Shida Kartli region. The distance between the property and Tbilisi 105 kms.

It is situated 2.5 kms away from the road. The whole land area is occupied by fruit trees. 9600 of them are 3-years-old apple trees, and 130 are wild cherry. The expected crop from one apple tree is 30-40 kg. Cherry trees harvested more than 3 tons of crop last year. The area of the storage and the house is 120 sqm. The property is provided by the water dripping system. The land is bordered by the water canal. The electricity facility is 1 km away from it.

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Property Map

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Location Map

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Whats Nearby

  • Village: Tsveri
  • City: Kareli 10 km
  • Highway: 2.5 km
  • Public Transport: 2.5 km

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