Tequila Regulatory Council to Register Tequila Trademark in Georgia

Tequila Regulatory Council to Register Tequila Trademark in Georgia

Levan Davitashvili, the Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, and Nino Chikovani, the Deputy Head of the National Intellectual Property Center Sakpatenti, have met with representatives of the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) of Mexico.
As reported by Sakpatenti, at the meeting the parties agreed to register a Tequila trademark in Georgia. The Mexican delegation was led by CRT President Miguel Angel Dominguez Morales.

Levan Davitashvili stressed the importance of the Tequila trademark’s registration, and hailed cooperation between the two countries. The Minister also updated the guest on Georgia’s aspiration to harmonize its legislation with EU requirements, and underlined the importance of intellectual property protection.

As noted by Miguel Angel Dominguez Morales, the recognition of the Tequila trademark by the homeland of wine creates the preconditions for effective cooperation between the two countries.

When visiting the Business Partner TV program, Nino Cikovani, Sakpatenti’s Deputy Director, and CRT President Miguel Angel Dominguez Morales discussed the registration of the popular Mexican liquor, Tequila, in Georgia.

As noted by Chikovani, for Georgian wine, Mexico is a new market with many millions of consumers. The Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) will assist Georgia in introducing and popularizing Georgian wine on this market, she added.

Several days ago, Sakpatenti hosted a presentation and tasting of Georgian wines for the Mexican Delegation. Cooperation will be intensified, Nino Chikovani pointed out.

As noted by the CRT president Miguel Angel Dominguez Morales, the Mexican delegation’s members have already tasted Georgian wines, and liked them very much.

“We have tasted Georgian wines, both red and white varieties, and we liked them very much. I believe these wines will be appreciated in Mexico, too”, Morales noted.

The Tequila Regulatory Council is a state-owned body that controls the full chain of Tequila production, and is responsible for its protection, Chikovani specified.

Georgia is the first country in the region that has directly registered Tequila, and the CRT will ensure the Mexican beverage’s protection in the region with the support of Georgia. At the same time, the protection of Tequila is only one aspect in Georgia-Mexico cooperation. Another aspect is the introduction and popularization of Georgian wines in Mexico, Nino Chikovani pointed out.

“The first part of this cooperation calls for protecting the Tequila trademark, but this cooperation also has another aspect, and this is a priority for us: the protection of Georgian wines abroad, and its popularization in Mexico, where the Tequila Regulatory Council will be our partner. They offered to cooperate with us in terms of imports and the popularization of Georgian wines and the protection of appellations of Georgian. Besides the CRT, the high-ranking officials of the Patenting Office of Mexico have also arrived in Georgia. We held meetings at the Agriculture Ministry with representatives of the National Wine Agency, and we plan to sign bilateral memorandums regarding the popularization and export of Georgian wines to Mexico. At this stage, Mexico is a new market with over a hundred million consumers that remains untapped by the Georgian wine making industry”, Nino Chikovani concluded.



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