Zugdidi Hosts 4th Conference of Hazelnut Growers Association

Zugdidi Hosts 4th Conference of Hazelnut Growers Association

Zugdidi has hosted the 4th conference of the Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association (GHGA). Key objective of the event was to introduce an annual report for the association members, donors and nongovernmental sector.

The conference was unveiled by the association director Giorgi Todua, who introduced the annual report, talked about achievements and plans.

Farmers elected the association’s managing board of 5 persons, as well as the managing board president – Merab Chitanava. Giorgi Todua will keep executing commissions of the association executive director.

A total of 1320 leading farms, members of the association, have attended the conference. They represented 15, 000 hazelnut farmers from various regions (Samegrelo, Guria, Adjara and Imereti). They received information on such relevant issues as soil fertilization, crops insurance, preferential financial products, pesticides and so on. At the end of the event, successful farmers were transmitted gifts, another part received discount vouchers for the association facilities.

The conference was attended by the association members, representatives of nongovernmental and donor organizations, foreign guests, Deputy Environment Protection Minister Gela Khanishvili, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Governor Aleksandre Motserelia, suppliers of fertilizers and pesticides, hazelnut industry specialists, representatives of financial institutions, insurance companies and media agencies.

‘This was a presentation of the association’s annual report, as well as an updating of farmers on innovations. The public sector representatives talked about new state programs. The banking sector representatives introduced new banking products to the event participants, while the insurance industry representatives introduced their new products. Pesticides Importer Company was the general sponsor. They talked about new preparations and revised prices. At the introductory part of the event, representatives of main donors, government, National Food Agency, USAID and FERRERO also addressed the audience. Two panel discussions were held as part of the conference: 1) on pesticides and fertilizers; 2) financial products”.

The Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association was founded in 2013. At this stage, the association unites about 15,000 members and they are united in 1320 working groups. Key objective of the association is to upgrade knowledge about growing hazelnut in Georgia, improve quality of hazelnut and grow production. In 2019, the association carried out the Hazelnut Harvest Rescue Program, funded by the Georgian Authorities, USAID and FERRERO. The program runs in 2020 too and the number of the association members will rise to 30,000 persons”.



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